EPR Consulting Ltd

Extended Producer Responsibility Compliance Solutions

Our experience

As IMDS training providers over the last twenty years, our team has delivered a variety of IMDS course to many thousands of IMDS Users in countries as diverse as South Africa, India, China, Turkey, Iran as well as the UK.

We can provide Open Enrolment training that can be booked through the IMDS Public Training Pages, as well as onsite training tailored to your individual needs.

Our staff have also been involved with IMDS outsourcing projects for all tiers of the automotive supply chain from vehicle manufacturers to material manufacturers providing services such as assessment and planning, data processing, supplier management, to full outsourcing. Our body of expertise encompasses a broad range of materials, components and complex assembles.

More latterly our team has been working with the automotive sector in responding to the challenges posed by the REACH regulation by participating in REACH seminars in the UK and India, as well as supporting a number of suppliers in the development of their REACH compliance strategies.

Our experience

Over fifteen years working with the automotive industry to respond to ELV, IMDS, and REACH.


We provide IMDS Training, IMDS Outsourcing, and Consulting support.


Our partners include DXC Technology, Tetra Tech in the US, and CERC in P.R. China.